Various Topics of Interest

As you may know or if you’re new here, I started this website awhile ago. It was to educate you about one thing…ac. But after researching allot of topics over that time period. I decided to make my website about more subjects and various topics. Somewhat of a mix of things that would educate or help in some manner, like “how to” perhaps. People in the know say that I should not have a bunch of different topics on a single website, unless they are related somehow. It’s not good for ranking my website but that’s alright.

So I’m changing my site to be more of an information site about… well… whatever I want too. I’ll still have the ac article. My next article will be about search engine optimization. The content of the article was influenced by trusted authority sites, like what I learned from the Fort Worth SEO expert at Mass Traffic Solutions. (I found more than one site). Anyway, if you like the content of my article post visit them. They really know a lot about writing helpful information and, of course, how to rank fort worth websites, or anywhere, if you need it.

Alright, so this will be the main page now, so everyone understands that there will be different things to discover here and not just one. And also you will be able to contact me if you want too. Hopefully there won’t be allot of emails to answer. Time permitting I may not check my email very frequently (busy), so don’t get mad if you don’t receive a quick reply. But I’ll try when I’m able and see how it goes. Enjoy!